In winter consumption of gas increases in order to heat up the water, and to use it for domestic purposes but it is also a big headache. NasGas has made it easy by presenting NasGas Water Heater DE35 with maximum features and heating capability.

It has 140 liters of the tank for storage and availability of water at any time you need. It works on 3000 Watts power input which rapidly heats up the water and ready to use within an instance due to its best quality stainless steel heating element.

It never compromises on performance and gives you warm water every time you turn on the tap. Due to its anti-scale rod, it regulates the heat flow and also ensures the efficient performance of the geyser.

You can also manage or regulate the heat flow according to your need by using its regulating thermostat feature, all the above feature makes it a perfect choice for you in winter.

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